Director, Patient Advocacy

Position Summary:

Putting patients first is a core value of Eidos. This means engaging patients, families, and caregivers throughout the drug development process to understand their challenges and desires, and adapt our efforts accordingly. The Patient Advocacy lead will direct Eidos’ and additional BridgeBio’s outreach to patient advocacy groups to educate and support all subsidiary companies. The position will represent patient communities to stakeholders within Eidos and possibly a few other subsidiaries of BridgeBio (Clinical Development, Clinical Operations, Regulatory, Business/Commercial). Ideally, the position will be based at the Eidos Therapeutics office in San Francisco.


Essential Skills & Functions:

  • Work with Eidos, BridgeBio and other subsidiary management teams to incorporate patient and family objectives into clinical development plans
  • Maintain the highest level of ethics. Act with honesty, integrity, and transparency in collaboration with patients and patient organizations.
  • Develop plans for patient engagement, with patient advocacy groups and rare disease organizations.
  • Help to develop educational and recruitment materials with colleagues working in clinical trial programs. Work to ensure that all work at BridgeBio and affiliated companies is patient-focused.
  • Contribute to improvement of processes, systems, and tools for Patient Recruitment and retention activities.
  • Provide input on clinical documents, including protocols and patient recruitment plans, by advocating the needs and opinions of the global patient community to internal stakeholders.
  • Speak at patient organization meetings about the clinical programs, goals, and values of Eidos and BridgeBio subsidiaries.
  • Build and maintain strong global relationships with patients, families, support groups and other stakeholders in therapeutic areas of interest to BridgeBio
  • Ensure uniform messaging on clinical development based on identified patient and patient advocacy group needs. Ensure that the messages are aligned with the interests of internal stakeholders and are communicated appropriately.
  • Conduct patient advisory boards and other activities to listen to the needs, experience, and opinions of patients and their family members.
  • In the case of some programs, interact with physicians and other health care providers about their current work in a therapeutic area, and educating them about new programs.
  • Manage budgets to support patient events or advisory boards and organizations involved in therapeutic areas of interest to BridgeBio
  • Identify and work with specialty service providers of patient recruitment and retention services.



  • A minimum of 3 years’ experience in providing clinical care, engagement in clinical research or an advocacy role in a health related non-profit or biopharma.
  • Experience with rare diseases would be beneficial.
  • Preferred areas of therapeutic expertise: orphan diseases, cardiology, dermatology, neurology and oncology.
  • Bachelor’s degree (or higher) in a relevant life science field.
  • A post-graduate degree in counseling, social work, genetic counseling, public health, nursing, pharmacy, or life sciences strongly valued.
  • A self-starter who loves to learn and will bring great energy to work
  • A passion for helping patients
  • Extensive knowledge of HIPAA and ICH GCP Guidelines. A commitment to the protection of patients’ privacy and interests and a strong sense of medical ethics is important for this position
  • Ability to travel up to 40%