Isabella Graef, M.D.

Isabella Graef, M.D., is a scientific co-founder of Eidos Therapeutics and a faculty member at Stanford University. Dr. Graef’s medical training, together with her research training at University of California, Berkeley and Stanford, led her to address questions at the interface of medicine, biology, and chemistry. Genetic and chemical approaches to identify points of intervention and develop therapies to treat diseases that are caused by aberrant protein aggregation are central research topics in her laboratory. Dr. Graef, together with Dr. Alhamadsheh, spearheaded the research to discover the TTR kinetic stabilizer AG10, which is the lead molecule of Eidos Therapeutics. Dr. Graef’s group is also interested in signaling events that govern mammalian development. Specifically, she has shown that the calcium-calcineurin-NFAT pathway is critical for several aspects of neuronal and cardiovascular development and that misregulation of this pathway underlies several of the developmental defects seen in Down Syndrome.

Dr. Graef has authored more than 30 publications in top-tier scientific journals and is an inventor of several US issued patents. She holds a medical degree from the University of Vienna and M.S. degree from UC Berkeley. Dr. Graef has been the recipient of a number of awards, including a Fullbright Fellowship, Schroedinger Award, NARSAD Young Investigator Award and AFAR New Investigator Award.